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rock. we hit you hard bass/voice: Stefan Caunter guitarist: Giuliano Baglioni. drummer: Brian Murphy.

Guitarist Giuliano Baglioni needs no introduction to the Hamilton music community as a long time studio engineer in town, and producer.

Words and Bass are provided by Stef Caunter. Stef was a Mohawk College instructor in the 2000s. Before then the longtime low end provider for Toronto late 90s darlings Blanche, (see the Mike Bullard show appearance), and founding member of early 90s underground beatbox rock pioneers (National Archive listing here) Hips, Thighs and Buttocks. (Click on "browse the shelf" for fun, on the National Archive site).

We present a non-derivative approach to the three piece rock format. Our music is collectively written and played live, everytime.

Our name is a video game reference, to the original set of excellent Super Smash Bros Melee players.